Ella’s Letter

Dear who may read this letter,

I am writing on behalf of the whole of Chalgrove (who do not agree with the houses being built.) Flooding and traffic will become a terrible effect on Chalgrove when the houses are built am urging you to STOP! Pause what you’re doing and read this letter. I plead you to not build these houses.

Just take a step back and observe the wondrous village that stands in Oxfordshire. Everybody knows everybody. It may be a small village but we care about it and we want it to stay the same. NO fancy swimming pool or cinema is going to change our minds. Don’t think that we’re not going to fight back, because we ARE!

Most people would agree that flooding will be a big effect on chalgrove when the houses are built. Now the village has less water from flooding, this is because the airfield now soaks up all of the water… however when the houses are built the concrete will not soak it up! This will cause more destruction than it would now! Did you know there are two barn owls nesting on the airfield their home will be wrecked when the houses are built? EVERYBODY knows that poppies grow there every year which make a beautiful view that you will be building on. No life… animals have nowhere to run… emerald green grass will die. Diamond skies will die and be filled grey with pollution! Trees, bushes and flowers lay dead like soldiers on a battle field…

Just imagine, the children’s hearts broken into splinters. Imagine how unsafe your children will be with all of the strangers lurking. Just imagine, the wildlife drowning from floods. Just imagine the havoc of traffic in the morning in night. Put your feet in our shoes; feel what we feel.

Since 2007, I have been in chalgrove there has been some tweaks, but no helpful tweak was as destructional as this change please change your mind…The village is only supposed to increase by 15% you’ll be increasing it by 75%!

I am enticed to hear your response,

Year 5 pupil (aged 10)

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