Hannah A’s Letter

Dear local council,

I am writing to urge you about the 3,500 houses; personally I do not find it the best idea. Just think of all the miserable souls cluttered in Chalgrove. Do you really think this is the best idea? Just imagine all roads suffocated with cars and Lorries, there is enough dead animals on the roads already do you want to see any more?

Flooding is always a risk in Chalgrove by its self, 3,500 houses more will really affect us. Think about all the animals running for their life hoping not to die… The air field helps sock up all the rain water, but will gravel and tarmac absorb rain water? No. Is this the answer to all your problems?  Have you even considered how many more fatal flooding it will cause?

Just imagine all the rush in the morning and night, and homeless animals scattered to die! Just imagine all the hearts YOU have left to break and splinter. Just imagine the poppies that bloom in the summer turned to dust panting in the sky. Is this really what YOU want? Trust will be broken into thin air; sorrows will collapse to the ground.

These are all my reason cluttered into one letter, please consider all our fact and sentences and just think is this really the best idea? Be the bigger person and STOP this now! Who cares about the fancy swimming and cinemas, we have holiday to go there! Listen to us. Just imagine what WE feel like. Also villages are supposed to grow by 15%but with all the houses being built in Chalgrove it is growing by around 360% to 375%! And just because we are at the top of the food chain doesn’t mean we can use THEIR habitat, we have evolved from them; they were here way before use this is their home.

I am enticed to hear from your response,

Year 5 pupil

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