Haseley Brook Meeting Update

Haseley Brook Action Group (http://savehaseleybrook.com/) held a meeting in Great Haseley Village Hall on Wednesday May 3rd. It was very well attended, with approximately 150 people from the Haseleys, the Miltons, Chalgrove, Cuxham and other local villages. The main thrust of the meeting was the need to continue to respond to the current Local Plan 2033 Second Preferred Options document, and guidance on how to do that.

The Second Preferred Options document is actually a great improvement on the original consultation; feedback from residents and groups has been incorporated into the new document. The issues surrounding the Chalgrove Airfield site are more fairly represented than they were, particularly in the Sustainability Appraisal. This does give us some hope that the issues are being considered more seriously and that the Airfield proposal will be removed from the Plan altogether. However, that will only happen if we continue to point out our concerns with the viability and sustainability of the site.

We should also recognise and support SODC in some of the changes to the Plan, particularly the inclusion of sites like Culham, where transport links and employment are close to the development, and Berinsfield, which has long campaigned for a regeneration project.

The below document was given out at the meeting to highlight areas of support and objection.

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