HCA submit Scoping Opinion Application

The HCA have submitted a scoping application to SODC regarding their proposed development at Chalgrove airfield.  This is not an application for planning permission, but a request to SODC to outline what they consider the issues to be (and what needs to be submitted) regarding any future application by the HCA for outline planning permission.

The scoping application is only for one part of the process which is the Environmental Impact Survey.

Don’t lose heart though; this is NOT a done deal.  There is still a very, very long way for the HCA to go before any development takes place.

Please get involved.  Whilst we can’t respond to this scoping application we can respond to SODC’s final version of their Local Plan.  The next consultation starts on 11th October for 6 weeks.  We are busy preparing a newsletter to be delivered to everyone in the village setting out how you can respond and make your views known.

It is imperative that everyone responds to this within the consulation period, even if you responded to the last consultation as this time, ALL responses are submitted with the application and reviewed by the planning inspector so the responses WILL make a difference.

All responses received by SODC will then be sent (along with the Local Plan) to a government inspector tasked with reviewing the local plan and deciding if it is sound or requires amendment.  It is vital therefore that as many people as possible respond.  Your opinion counts and really can make all the difference.  Full information on how to respond will follow once full details have been released by SODC.

Watch this space! In the meantime read our full document here for further details.

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