Oscar’s Letter

Dear local council,

I am writing to urge you to not to build the new houses for several reasons like the traffic, the nature, and the flooding. Flooding has already created several reasons for everyone in Chalgrove. The trees, the animals and we will go. In the airfield it helps us to overcome the fear of flooding, but if you start to build on top of it, not only will it flood the old houses, but the new ones as well.

Reconsider your actions now.

Just imagine the ruby red poppy’s being destroyed, not to mention the lush green grass. As well as that, the beautiful diamond blue sky will turn grey in pollution. Children will no longer hear the early morning chirrup of the birds, instead their minds will come defeated and clouded by hearing the distinct rumble of the cars. Did you know the 3,000 houses will cause devastation, (as you are building on top of history?)

Those animals losing their lives, for nothing. Over 50% of Chalgrove would NOT want this to happen. Who does, who would? Did you know that villages are only meant to grow by 15%, and if these new houses are built, instead it will increase by 75%!  Who wants it to happen? Nobody does. The airfield to be built over by houses. Over the 16 years the houses will be taking to being built, the flood would have already come, and it will be too late. The last time it flooded, a couple of houses were flooded to, and I do not see more including my own, my friends, or even the school. I do not want to see this, the school does not want to see this, and everyone does not want to see this. This quiet, calm and peaceful will be transformed into, not a heaven, but a dump with a crowded, rushing, and busy city.


Everyone’s hearts will break, shatter and will become beyond repair. What is more important, glory and glamour, or perfect and peaceful? You can never force us to do anything; these houses should not and never be built. We are already perfect and happy how we are, and you will not ruin that for us, how will a cinema improve our education in this new school that you are planning to build, but not even that could tempt us.

All of my reasons are now summed up into this. By now you should feel like me, like the village, like EVERYONE. Overall if you start building these houses, the village will go from light and colourful too dull and grey. In conclusion, everyone agrees that these houses are a bad influence and impact on this village.

Stop this, before it starts…

Hoping for your reply soon,

Yours sincerely,

Year 5 pupil, Age 10

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