Taya’s Letter

Dear Local Council,

I am writing to urge you not to build the 3500 houses .Are you aware of all the worries surrounding the village? Put your feet in our shoes and feel what we feel.

Just imagine that from there being loads of animals to there being NOTHING, nothing there. If these plans go ahead all of these new houses will be destroyed.

The truth is if these plans go ahead there will be no animals living in Chalgrove ANYMORE and you and just you will be the one to blame.

Did you know that the airfield sucks up all of the water? If you turn the( emerald green) grass into concrete and then put houses on it the water will not be obsored .if it gets turned into concrete it won’t be able to suck up the water, because of the houses being there. There won’t be a lot of space so it will just start rising and rising and will flood the houses and they will just be destroyed all that money will have be WASTED .GONE.

Why do you think it’s bad to build the houses?

You’re sincerely

Year 5 pupil (Age 10)

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