Ariane’s Letter

Dear Local Council,

I am speaking for my village, the animals and the people. On matter of the Chalgove Air Field. Don’t build 3500 houses feild.Please.If you care. Read on…

Picture this, all the new houses, (just finished,) destroyed by a rampaging flood. However hard we try, flooding is just natural. Also, the older houses in chalgrove would just get more rapid floods. It would be devastation.

Just imagine, where majestic barn owls once used to hunt, cars would rumble down huge tarmac roads. Building those houses would cause devastation, not just in the animal kingdom; have you thought about how much the flooding would affect houses, old and new?Pepole shouting. Cars polluting. Clear night skies, ruined by light pollution. Chalgrove would become a battle field once again.

Have you ever felt the exhilaration of a munk jack deer, crossing a country road?

We will no more.

Have you ever had a hedgehog shuffle into your garden?

We will no more.

Have you ever heard the erie call of a Barn Owl eco across a forest?

We will no more. We understand your cause to make more houses, but surely there can be other sites? And also, there is something you forget; it’s our air field too. When I say ‘our’ I mean all of us, the children’s, the adults, the elders.

It’s our airfield too.

Thank you, for taking the time and effort to read my letter. As much as we want a swimming pool, and a cinema, we want our airfield much, much more. Let me leave one thought lingering in your mind, it’s our airfield too.

Looking forward to a reply,

Year 5 pupil, age 10

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