Bradley’s Letter

Dear local council,

I am writing to concern you that your building houses in the air field. We are probably going to have a flood and we don’t want that to happen because all of our houses will be washed away. All of our toys and electronic things will be broken and smashed to pieces.

Just imagine if you built the houses you will cause traffic around the village. As well as all the animals will get killed. So please don’t build houses. Just think of all of the children. Imagine if you were children and we built houses what will you feel?

It will ruin our quality of life because Chalgrove is a really nice village and we don’t want to get Chalgrove into a scrappy village like an old dump. This will cause a flood and we don’t know where it will go. Animals gone village gone Chalgrove demolished.

Since 2012 more houses has been built which is a good thing because people can live there. But it is also a bad thing because we will have a flood. More animals like cats, dogs and other animals WILL probably die.

Your sincerely

Year 5 pupil (age 10)






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