Charlie’s Letter

Dear Local Council,

I desperately urge you to the concern of whole community on behalf of my school. Put your feet in OUR shoes, and see our unique opinions. Specifically, building houses on our property is disgraceful. Furthermore, exquisite poppies, tulip and wildlife bloom gracefully, like rainbows, and joyful creatures scuttle around like clouds in the blue of the sky. However after a handful of houses get built, they slowly suffer, eventually dying in desperation of a home. Would you want that? Would WE want that?

Peaceful as heaven, is what our domain is. In future, developing into a polluted wasteland is our united section / home. Picture that. Knowing the need of houses, in the UK, is acceptable, but that is the wrong way. Do it the RIGHT way.

Imagine the long lush grass, the ruby red poppies, the succulent air, all of those features gone…   Because of you! The chirping of fluffy ducklings replaced with the rumble of the distant cars. Is it really worth the sacrifice of nature? We strongly feel passionate. OUR opinions matter! We plead you. We beg you. We request you. We implore you, to not build these houses! A village to a town. For the last time I share my opinion, don’t build these homes.

Do what is right.

Your sincerely

Year 5 pupils

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