Draft Local Plan: Examination in Public – last few days…..

The 4 week Examination in Public of SODC’s draft local plan is nearing completion.  The Inspector has arranged a further hearing for today (at 10am – follow the link below to watch the hearing) with SODC; OCC; Homes England; and Martin Baker.  The Inspector wishes to address the following:

Question for Matter 11, STRAT 7 session on Thursday 6 August 2020.

Statements are  invited in response to these specific questions from Homes England, Martin-Baker Ltd, South Oxfordshire District Council and Oxfordshire County Council.  Please will respondents adhere strictly to the questions.  These statements may be presented both verbally at the hearing and submitted in writing as examination documents.

  1. The NPPF definition of “developable” is that sites must be in a suitable location for housing development with a reasonable prospect that they will be available and could be viably developed at the point envisaged. Having  regard to the submitted evidence, which includes the unwillingness of the long leaseholder to vacate its present site and the lack of agreement on alternative provision, can  the site  be said  to be deliverable?  Statements  should   concentrate on  the words “reasonable prospect” and leave out issues of viability and location.
  2. Would the objectives of NPPF Section 8 “Promoting healthy and  safe communities” and Section  12 “Achieving well-designed places” be met, having regard to the proximity of the planned residential community to the replacement runway, flights and testing facilities?   This is not about mitigation of adverse impacts,  it is concerned with good planning in the public interest to create  a healthy, safe  and well-designed new community.
  3. If the site were considered not to be deliverable in this plan, what would  be the direct implications for  infrastructure provision  in the plan area?

Tomorrow, Fri 7th Aug 2020 (again at 10am) the Inspector will deliver his summary of the examination together with his recommendations for the draft local plan, ahead of preparing his full report.  Further updates to follow in due course.


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