Hannah D’s Letter

Dear local council,

I am urging you to reconsider building the houses.  Are you aware of the amount of worries from the public? There are enough animals without a home… wouldn’t you rather see animals live a happy life or watch them die (with sadness and no home!) You are destroying their HOME where they grew up.

If these plans go ahead you are not thinking about the consequences , what if the village floods (all the new houses will be ruined) and it would have been a ways of time to build them please don’t do this. Chalgrove is a village so don’t make it a town so stop this before it starts

Picture this if you want to walk your dog it will be more dangerous because there will be more roads which means more cars and some people like to walk their dogs on the fields but that will not happen if these houses are going to be built so dogs can’t be happy and they won’t get enough exercise, you need to give an overweight dog a lot of exercise to keep it healthy and alive cause it is heart breaking to lose a pet.

Clearly you aren’t thinking about the public. Imagine waking up in the morning and herring trucks and diggers outside your bedroom. Some people work hard at night so they need as much sleep as possible to do their job at night .YOU MUST have thought about that before you created the plans.

Overall it is your choice to ever build the houses and help the homeless or you can think about us and say chalgrove is a village and if I make it a town everyone will be upset and their lives will be ruined because of us. MAYBE I CAN STOP IT BEFORE IT START

You’re sincerely

Year 5 pupil, (age 9)

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