Homes England Planning Application: Topic to consider – Noise

Today’s topic to consider when responding to Homes England pending outline planning application (link below) for a new town on the airfield is that of noise pollution and the effects on public health.

There is current legislation which deals with noise pollution, specifically the Control of Pollution Act (CoPA) (1974) (Ref. 11-1); and the Environmental Protection Act (1990) (Ref. 11-2). The National Planning Policy Framework also refers to this in section 11.3.

Homes England have measured the average noise levels for the Airfield, and have concluded that they can mitigate the noise with high quality double glazing. If you would be happy living in an environment which meant that you could not open your windows in the summer, use any of the green spaces, or just be outside your house, then that might be OK.

If on the other hand, you were a parent who had just got their baby to sleep, or you had a child with anxiety attacks or ADHD, you were a shift worker who had just got your head down, or an ex-serviceman with PTSD, or someone with sensitive hearing, or even someone working from home, would you want to live next to fast jets and explosions occurring at random times per day?

You can learn to live with traffic noise, and even aircraft noise if it is constant, but random explosions and take-off/landings are a different thing.  Would that affect your daily life? Would that affect your mental health? Would you complain? What would that do to Martin-Baker’s business? These are questions that SODC needs to get answers to, and questions we need to raise.

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