Sustainable Housing Instead of Excessive Development

Inspector’s preliminary view on Chalgrove Airfield

No final conclusion as yet – pending a site visit by the Inspector next week. This is what the Inspector had to say this morning……

“The Chalgrove allocation has the advantage of not being in the Green Belt and is in part on previously developed land. It is several miles from Oxford and other towns and concerns have been raised about whether this is a sustainable location for new housing. Having explored these matters in matter 11 I’ve come to the preliminary view that the new allocation would be large enough (particularly when taken with the existing village) to develop a critical mass which would provide an adequate range of facilities. The transport infrastructure that is required to support it, which includes bus services and certain bypasses, would also provide wider benefits. Master planning would need to ensure that the allocation was well integrated with the village. As you know I am still currently considering the evidence on the developability of that site and will come to a conclusion on that following my site visit which is next week”.

Further updates to follow in due course.

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