Kaiya’s Letter

Dear local council,

Put your feet in our shoes and listen to the worries that transport around. You want to build houses that will ruin our community. After reading this letter you will not ignore the thought of the destruction that will occur. You will see the little Brocken hatred people that walk along the street because of the animals habitats being destroyed followed by the creatures do you want to do that? I love seeing dears in the field, and hear the owls hoot in the night that gives you a warm smile don’t ruin that, be the bigger person. In addition I know you need to build because of the lack of houses in the UK as a result the battle field socks up floods.

Chalgrove is a friendly place every one has talked at least once to someone they don’t know. Just imagine how much trust you will destroy daring what you want; just imagine all the may hem that will walk through are little calm village because of what you want. Just imagine all the animals that will be running, but where will they run to.

Think about are village, it is not just yours. You now the drain system won’t cope every time. You can make sure that don’t happen. Sit up and stand tall and admit this is wrong. You will be increasing the little gaps of the village for the flood to travel. Do you really want to commit to destroying houses? Will your hard work pay of? Is it worth it?

You are only thinking of what you want. You will be destroying animals and their habitats. We do not want are village turned into a town. We expanding are village by 375%when we are only supposed to grow by 15%. PLEASE! Please please don’t ruin my home.

I look forward to hearing from you.

(year 5 pupil 10 years old)

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