May Newsletter

We are delighted to announce the second ChalgroveSHIELD newsletter. This newsletter focuses on the current consultation for the SODC Local Plan, and the importance of responding to this (and any subsequent) consultations. It is not a done deal unless we allow it to be, so please – read and respond!

To help you respond to the consultation we have prepared a few documents that you can download and use to respond to the consultation. Click the links below to download the documents to complete your response.

SODC Comment Form

Local Plan Second Preferred Options Repsonse Form – Sample Answers

Local Plan Second Preferred Options Repsonse Form Template

Haseley Brook Action Group Meeting Handout

Once you have completed your response form you can either email it directly to”> or post it to:

SODC Planning Policy
135 Eastern Avenue
Milton Park
OX14 4SB

To view all of the documents in regards to the local plan on the SODC website click here. This page provides details from SODC on the second preferred options document and useful reference documents for you response.

You can also respond directly on the SODC website here, however there are advantages to using our template, further infromation in the newsletter below.

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