SODC Cabinet Meeting 20th March – The Verdict

At the SODC Cabinet meeting held on 20th March in Milton Park, despite fierce criticism of the Local Plan and impassioned pleas from protesters, the Cabinet voted 3 to 2, with one abstention, to propose to the full Council that Option 1 be retained. For those that have not read all the detail, three options were on the table at the meeting, broadly summarised as follows: 1) Stick with the plan as is; 2) Remove Chalgrove Airfield from the plan; 3) Select a reserve site in case Chalgrove Airfield does not progress.

Option 1 was chosen, primarily it seems because of the timetable that SODC need to meet. The Head of Planning had recommended Option 3, but was voted down. The principle architects of this choice were John Cotton himself, who chaired the meeting and Elizabeth Gillespie, who seems primarily concerned as any reserve sites would likely be in her ward.

The next opportunity to get some sense into the proceedings is March 27th, at a full Council meeting. SHIELD will be there again, and will try once more to get our voice heard.

Attached is the representation made by SHIELD on behalf of Chalgrove. It generated no comment and no questions whatsoever. Make of that what you will.

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