SODC Scrutiny Committe Meeting Update

SODC Local Plan 2032 – Scrutiny Committee Meeting, 13th September 2017
If you wish to register to speak as a member of the public, you need to email”> or telephone 01235 422520 and register your desire to speak. Please ask for Ron Schrieber.

With regards to the meeting itself, there will be a number of papers provided to the Committee. This will include a Consultation Report and a latest revised draft of the Local Plan. In addition, there will be an updated Sustainability Appraisal and Equalities Impact Assessment, plus other relevant documents.

These documents are usually published a week before the meeting, although some documents can be “tabled” at the meeting itself, without any opportunity to pre-read them. Some documents will definitely be available this week; the Consultation Report has just been completed and will be available on the SODC website. The advice from SODC’s Planning Officer is to regularly check the SODC website to see what documents are available prior to the meeting. I am advised that the Democratic Services team will also advise as and when relevant documents are produced if you request this.

Unfortunately, with the Scrutiny Committee Meeting on the 13th, this does not give us much time to read and digest the latest reports, or formulate a detailed response, so if you do wish to register to speak, preparation for that will necessarily be based around the known issues of sustainability, infrastructure, transport, flooding and deliverability.

The meeting is being held at Cornerstones in Didcot to allow as many members of the public to attend as possible; let’s make sure we attend in force and make our feelings known.

For teh full address details please see the events calendar on this website.

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