What We Are Doing

01 March 2017

Since attending the Enquiry by Design (EBD) meetings in January we have been working extremely hard on producing our first newsletter. This sets out our response to the proposed development and provides more details about the scheme as a whole. We are extremely pleased to say that our newsletter has now been finalised and delivered to every house in Chalgrove.

We have received very positive feedback and have been shown an incredible amount of support from residents in Chalgrove and our surrounding villages.
We are now in the process of delivering a copy of our newsletter to every house in all our surrounding villages.

We are also working on fundraising ideas for our group. In opposing the development there will be costs involved, for example, printing costs; surveys relating to the development ie traffic, flooding etc; legal advice and representation. We have received a number of donations already which is fantastic and we would like to thank everyone most sincerely for their donations so far. We are in the process of opening a bank account for our group and details of our fundraising events will be released in due course. If you would like to make a donation you can do so in a number of ways:

1. Via our website www.chalgroveshield.org.uk where there is a donate link at the bottom of our home page. Click on this and follow the instructions. Donations are made on a secure donations site so your details are safe.
2. By cash, or cheque (made payable to Chalgrove Airfield Action Group), which you can leave for us in our post box at Chalgrove post office.

We are hoping to attend a traffic meeting with the HCA which we understand is scheduled for this month (March). We have yet to receive details and we very much hope we won’t be excluded from attending. We are keeping a close eye on all proceedings and will be working very hard behind the scenes to formulate our response.

The next public consultation on SODC’s Local Plan is also due to take place during March. We will send out full details in due course and will let everyone know how they can respond and get involved.

Please do keep in touch. If you have any thoughts or comments you would like to make you can either email us at contactus@chalgroveshield.org.uk or pop a note to us in our post box which is located on the counter in the post office. We would love to hear from you.

A huge thank you to all of the volunteers who have delivered the newsletter as well as a special thank you to all who have donated to our cause.
We WILL continue to strive to oppose these plans and hold regular meetings to discuss and agree the next steps. If you feel you can contribute or help in anyway or have any ideas then please get in touch.

Thank you for your ongoing support and donations, without which we would not be able to continue the opposition.

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